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3 September 2015
by David

Win a trip to the zoo!

The cover of a book: Phasmid Saving the Lord Howe Island Stick InsectTo celebrate the launch of CSIRO Publishing’s book, Phasmid – Saving the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect, we’re giving away five family passes to Melbourne Zoo.

Phasmid tells the amazing true story of one of the world’s most critically endangered insects, beautifully illustrated as a picture book.

One winner will go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the stick insect breeding project at the zoo.

For your chance to win, email us a poem about the Lord Howe Island stick insect to sciencemail@csiro.au. Entries close at midnight on Friday, 18 September 2015. Entrants need to be able to get to Melbourne Zoo.

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31 August 2015
by David

New tessellation discovered

Image: Wikimedia commons/Tomruen, by permission from www.jaapsch.net

Image: Wikimedia commons/Tomruen, by permission from www.jaapsch.net

If you wanted a really cool bathroom, what shape would you use for the tiles? Squares will work, or rectangles, or even hexagons. But can we use five-sided tiles? You may not know them, but there are a whole range of pentagonal tiling shapes. And a few weeks ago, mathematicians found a new one to join them. Continue Reading →

21 August 2015
by David

Ebola end in sight

A green squiggle.

This green squiggle is an image of the Reston subtype of the Ebola virus.
Credit: CSIRO

It looks like the Ebola epidemic that has ravaged West Africa for over a year may soon be under control. Last week, there were only a handful of new cases in Guinea and Sierra Leone. Meanwhile, scientists are getting closer to a vaccine to prevent these outbreaks from occurring again. Continue Reading →

27 July 2015
by David

Budgies catch a yawn

A budgerigar with its beak open.

Warning: this picture might make you yawn!
Credit: ©iStock.com/vitalsss

Sometimes watching someone yawn makes you want to yawn yourself. And sometimes, watching a yawning video or even just reading the word yawn will do it. Feel like yawning now? It seems a very human reflex, but it turns out that budgies do it too. Continue Reading →

14 July 2015
by David
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Five tips for NASA when preparing to encounter Pluto, by Aussie kids

The Pluto Nine

NASA has spent the last nine years navigating New Horizons towards Pluto. Within days, the first high resolution images will be beamed back to earth giving the world its first real insight into what makes the tiny ‘planet’ tick. But for now, not even NASA can claim to know very much about it. So we thought we’d speak to some of Australia’s youngest and brightest minds to see what they think. Continue Reading →